Why Engineer Yourself?

Because you already believe that we can engineer systems that consistently deliver desirable outcomes in extremely complex situations.

If this were not true, you would never

You also already believe that humans can work as part of those systems that deliver those outcomes, since Boeing’s engineers and assemblers are humans, as are Apple’s engineers and their Foxxconn line-worker counterparts.

These two facts combine to create the following ethical dilimma:

If we can solve almost any problem using logical, systematic thinking, Why aren’t we using this ability to solve the most important problems of our day?

Why can’t we for sure elect the right leaders?

Why can’t we ensure that nobody dies from starvation, or from overeating?

Why don’t we build and use systems that ensure that we are as happy as is possible?

I know that we can.

I think we should.

I think we must.

If you agree, then you too should engineer yourself.